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Last Updated 23 September 2007

William Hymas (b.1806) and Mary Ann Atkins (b.1815)
both born in England

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Hello, my name is Douglas Thompson. I am a descendant of William Hymas and Mary Ann Atkins, through the following ancestors:

I have recently created this site after many years of pondering to do so. I have been active in the Jared Pratt Family Association  in the creation of their web site and their descendancy project.. My goal is to provide a focal point for research on the Hymas line. I admit that I have not performed original research on this line, yet I have gathered the information I have over a period of 24 years. Various sources have been used. Namely, early on, the 4 generation archive in Salt Lake City. Later the Ancestral File at the Family History Center in Salt Lake, then later on the Web at

As far as the association is concerned - there really isn't one at this moment. I remember one in the 1960s, but do not know of it nor of individuals who worked on it. They did produce a series of 13 newsletters from 1962 to 1973. I have all 13 copies and have scanned in the first 6 copies and they are on this website. See below for the link to those issues. I plan on scannning in the remainder and get those on the site shortly. If there is an interest of forming a renewed association I am willing to contribute in what ever way as possible. Having seen the Jared Pratt Association operate (which by the way, is the oldest and largest association in the world. They have identified 26,804 descendants of Jared and Charity Pratt),  I wish to implement the Hymas association and other family associations in a similiar manner.

Mission Statement

As a first mission statement, I would put forth that the Hymas Association would aim to gather genealogical, historical and current data on the Hymas family and also ensure that the temple work has been performed for those who passwed on. I propose that the  anchor point would be Willaim and Mary Ann Atkins Hymas. That ancestral research would primarily reach back from them. In addition, the identification of their descendants would also be a goal. Historical gathering, photo gathering and reunions, if desired, will be projects to pursued by the association. As time goes forth and others are interested and provide more refinement on the mission statement, this statement may be altered.


The aim of this website is to provide links to various resources on the web site. As others find this site, it is hoped that they may share links  to websites about the Hymas name or other details. Additionally, any resources that others may deem useful can be placed herein.

In the ancestors and descendants of William and Mary Hymas which are linked below, the data presented is what I have currently on those lines. The current data in the database are the descendants   through my ancestral lines and do NOT currently have information on my various aunts, uncles and great aunts and great uncles and so forth.  I ask for help in finding the other descendants of William and Mary Ann Hymas so that we can expand the database.. It is my desire that others can help provide a growing database over time to fill this descendancy database up with our cousins, so that we can identify all of the descendants.

doug thompson

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